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Life Insurance For Families

Life Insurance can be the difference between remembering YOU, and remembering the effects of LOSING YOU. 

It is empowering to realize that you get to choose what kind of future awaits those you love.   Securing great coverage while also keeping your budget in mind is possible, in fact it's easy!  You don't have to DIY something this important and wonder if you bought enough, or bought the right kind of policy. Expert help doesn't cost anything extra! 

We offer a wide variety of products for all of your needs:

  • Life Insurance for children

  • Final Expense Life to cover your funeral expenses

  • Term Life and Return Of Premium Term Life Insurance

  • Universal Life Insurance

  • Indexed Cash Value Life Insurance

  • Whole Life Insurance

  • 2nd to Die Life Insurance

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Short & Long Term Disability Insurance For Individuals & Employees

We can help employers provide coverage for their employees, and make sure that the business owner has protection in place too!  Already have some coverage through work?  Great, let's make sure it is enough to make your budget work if you ever need it to replace your income.

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Life Insurance Benefits For Your Employees

An important part of retaining great employees is making sure they are well compensated and feel appreciated.  For some of your employees (especially those with health conditions) the Life Insurance you provide may be all that they have in place.  For many, Life Insurance is considered a "must- have" benefit.  The shock to most business owners is how affordable providing that coverage can be.

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Key Person Life & Disability Insurance

Protect your business by making sure that if a key employee dies or through a disability is unable to perform their job, the business will immediately have the capital to stay afloat while you search for a replacement.

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Buy-Sell Life Insurance For Business Partners

Being in business together has its risks. If your business partner dies you will suddenly be in business with their heir.  Having a Buy-Sell Agreement and making sure it is funded with Life Insurance ensures that if that happens you'll have the money needed to buy out their share of your business and regain control.

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Life Insurance As Collateral For A Loan

Starting-up or expanding?  When it comes time to close on your business loan you may be asked to provide Life Insurance as collateral.  If you need to secure Life Insurance quickly, Dawn can help you find a policy with minimal underwriting so you can get your funding with as little delay as possible.

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Long Term Care Insurance

Any retirement plan that does not consider how you will pay for an extended care event has a serious gap!  But even more important than protecting your wealth is protecting your Loved Ones from the huge impact that providing care would have on their lives.  Buying while you are healthy is important, so don't delay looking into this important coverage.

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Have you considered having a portion of your wealth in an annuity?   We only offer fixed and indexed products with guarantees, so we are positioned to help you plan for an income stream you can't outlive... no matter what happens to the market.

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