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Meet Dawn Crouch, LUTCF® CLTC®

At your service!

Dawn loves to demystify insurance.   She firmly believes that with the proper understanding you are perfectly positioned to make the best decision for yourself.  No smoke and mirrors.  No fancy wording and sales tactics to trap you into saying ‘yes’.    If you are looking for the opportunity to learn about your insurance choices without sales pressure, you've found your Safe Oasis.

Since 2005 Dawn has helped her clients create rock solid foundations that can stand the storms of life.  While your financial advisor can help you diversify your investments and leave a little room to reach for 'pie in the sky' returns, your insurance agent should be devoted to guarantees, or as Dawn likes to say 'cake on the plate' you can really have!


What are all of those letters after your name?

-LUTCF®: Life Underwriter Training Counsel Fellow.  (What a mouthful right?)  Simply put it's a professional designation that shows a deeper knowledge of insurance planning and products.  

-CLTC® :Certification in Long-Term Care. This program focuses on the discipline of extended care planning.  It provides professionals the critical tools necessary to discuss the subject of longevity and its consequences on their client's family and finances.

Community Resource

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My Passion Project

The Aging Parent Answer Team™ is a group of professionals who have teamed up to be a resource for busy people who are transitioning into the role of caring for an aging parent. We recognize the time and effort it takes to find answers to the many questions you are facing.

Who has time to search out answers one at a time?

Our panel of experts answer questions from a live audience.

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